Sunday, October 23, 2011


Find me a guy who wudnt like to become the center of attention.....
while dancing in a group who wouldn't like to stand first in the row.....or occupy the center most position (condition and clause applied:you will not wish to stand at hritik roshans position with dance steps of action figure sunny deol....then toh it would be the worst nightmare of your life :-p)

Coming to the point......everybody wants to be great.....praised n stay in the lime light!

But what being great exactly means!!

Today's thought is dedicated to a very ordinary lady......a typical Indian great educational such talent which will bring the spotlight on her (with all due offence)!!

but what she missing in all of us and almost all the so called great personalities i have seen!

apart from playing all her roles and duties perfectly.....she is gifted with a really different Midas touch....
obviously she can not turn crap into gold like king Midas did ( :-p ).....but what makes her so special is......she makes people around her feel very special!!!

I feel very special....when she is around me :)

This is greatness!

You are not great when you are the one who stands on the center of the stage....

You are not great....when you have hundreds and thousands of people following you.....

You are not great when you speak for the crowd.....and authorities choose you over them!!

You are great....when you win their hearts.....when they really feel special because of you!!

लोग समंदर की तरह महान बनने की आकांशा रखते है.....जिसकी गर्जन के आगे छोटे मोटे ताल तल्लेयो की हिलोरे मंद पड़ जाती है....
जिसके व्यक्तित्व के सामने सब बौने पड़ जाते है!!
किन्तु महान वो नहीं जिसके सामने दुसरे छोटे हो जाए......
महान वो है जो पहाड़ी नदी के गुनगुनाते से धीमे बहाव के साथ अपने में मिलने वाली हर धारा को अपने साथ लेकर भी स्वतंत्र होकर बहने का मौका दे!!!

I really need to learn this!!!

you too....give it a thought!

I Me Myself....with u :)

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